ExpoStrut Features

ExpoStrut takes your product presentation to the next level. Features include:

  • Completely skinable / themeable to match your business' look
    • Custom Launch Icon
    • Custom Backgrounds
    • Custom Icons (back, forward, home, navigation)
  • Support for the following media types:
    • Images
    • Videos
  • Instant Search
    • Simply start typing and the results magically appear in a list below
    • Custom search terms and tagging mechanism to help locate hard-to-describe items
    • Find products within seconds. No more scrolling through endless images or data files
  • All of your products at your finger tips
    • Content is only limited by the storage space of your device
    • Lightning fast category-based browser
    • Usable by both employees, and end-customers
    • Familiar swipe-based interface
  • Eye-grabbing "demo" mode
    • Customizable slide show or category listing animation to draw in customers
    • Quick transition to product presentation. Once your customers walk up, they are browsing your products instantly.

Allow your potential customers to interact and learn what you have to offer in an in-formal; no-pressure format. Some customers prefer a hands-off approach to learning about a companys' products or services. ExpoStrut allows them to learn at their own pace, and form the questions they'd like to ask you directly. Thus saving both parties time and effort.