How much does ExpoStrut cost?

It depends on how many products you want to display in your portfolio.

# of FilesPriceMax Size
1 - 50$899500 MB
51 - 100$1,3991 GB
101 - 150$1,7992 GB
151 - 200$2,1993.5 GB
201 - 250$2,5996 GB
251 - 300$2,9999 GB
301 - 350$3,29913 GB
351 - 400$3,59918 GB
401 - 450$3,79924 GB
451 - 500$3,99931 GB
> 500$7.99 per file60 GB
Discounts (use as many as you like)
10%Have ExpoStrut branding on App Home Page
20%Have ExpoStrut branding on each Product Page
5%Have your Company Logo in our Customer List on our site
up to 15%Reference ExpoStrut on your website (rate depends on location, size, traffic, and duration)

Where did you come up with this idea?

One of our current customers was not satisfied with the ability they had to present all of the products and services they offered. Printed binders, dull automated presentations, piles of .PDF documents just didn't cut it for them. They wanted something special, but lacked any good alternatives. ExpoStrut is the result of that challenge.

What is an interactive product portfolio?

This is what we call the content that is displayed to the user via our ExpoStrut engine. We didn't feel that 'presentation' accurately described the value that ExpoStrut brings to your business. ExpoStrut enables your customer to experience your product with Touch, Sound, Video, and Images. They can answer their own questions, learn about your products' features all on their own, and see demos of your product in action. The days of sleepy presentations are over.

Why wouldn't I just use a photo browser, or media player, or pdf reader, or text reader to present my content to my customers?

You have precious few moments with your potential customers. You want them to be sufficiently intrigued to come talk to you and seek out your business. ExpoStrut is fast, complete, and inviting. We make those precious few moments count.

Is ExpoStrut just for my customers? I would like to give this to my salespeople out in the field to sell my product

ExpoStrut is a POWERFUL tool in the hands of your salespeople. They will have an excellent understanding of your product already. Rather than simply browsing like most customers they can pull up specific examples, demos, and stat sheets with a few taps. If your potential customer wants more info on Product X, 3 taps and you are letting them experience it, not thumbing through slides, pictures stored on a laptop, or boring text files.

I want something custom, can you meet my needs?

You bet! ExpoStrut is our creation entirely. We can modify it in an un quantifiable number of ways to meet your needs. Give us a call, let's make something awesome together.

Why can't I download ExpoStrut in the App Store?

Every portfolio is unique. Your portfolio is exactly what you'd like to make it. As such, every customer is treated individually and a custom version of the application is made just for them. No two portfolios are the same, and your salespeople have a eye-catching presentation that their prospect hasn't seen before.

I love the idea, how much work do I have to do?

Less than you probably think. You will sit down (virtually or in person) with one of our portfolio engineers and tell them what you'd like to show and how you'd like to show it. Then simply provide your engineer with the content he or she will need to create the portfolio. While they get the media ready, create a list of the products you are showing, some search terms you'd like to tag them with, and maybe some additional information. The engineer will then compile everything into the ExpoStrut engine and you're presentation will be ready!

What format do my files need to be in to work with ExpoStrut?

Any. We've been doing this a while and have seen probably 90% of the formats out there. Unless it's an extremely proprietary format that we simply don't have access to; we can convert it to what we need with little to no loss of quality. If you do have a special format, we'd be happy to work with you to get it to work with ExpoStrut.

How can I be sure you'll keep our trade-secret information private?

These portfolios are filled with information that you WANT to get out there, so often this isn't a concern. However, most of our customers choose to distribute the App privately. All you have to do is create an Apple Volume Purchasing Account, and then only through that account can additional copies of your App be purchased and distributed. If you have additional restrictions, we'd be happy to discuss them with you. Anything from one-time downloads, to on-site provisioning; your secrets are safe with us.

Do you provide the iPads, or do I buy those myself?

Either way! If you already have the iPads you'd like to use, we'd be happy to provision them for you. If you'd prefer to have us do everything (Setup, tracking software, locking-down of the device, provisioning of the application, and even custom presentation or shipping containers...) we can do it all. Just ask; we can make it work for you.

My question wasn't answered here, who can I talk to about this?

Us! Email us or call us here: support@zebrastrut.com (765) ZZ STRUT